International Abacus,Fingering Visual way of learning & development your child improves memory power,concentratio maths skills,accurate calculation observation ,listening & hearing skills your child can be faster than a computer.Differet category wise syllabus >The new method of developing both left brain & right brain activation for the children of age 4 to 14 years as mentioned below.


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We provide good quality chesss coaching class .Chess has always had an image problem, being seen as a game for brainiacs and people with already high IQs. So there has been a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation: do smart people gravitate towards chess, or does playing chess make them smart? At least one study has shown that moving those knights and rooks around can in fact raise a person’s intelligence quotient.

Hand Writing

handwriting in the earliest grades is linked to basic reading and spelling achievement; for example, when children learn how to form the letter m, they can also be learning its sound. Attention to the linkages among handwriting, reading, and spelling skills can help to reinforce early achievement across these areas.

Abacus, Way of speed mathematics, Handwriting classes(Tamil,English&Hindi), MID Brain Activation

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